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Managing Director Angelina Kwan is committed to analysing Asia financial markets to help all financial institutions achieve proactive governance that meets the staunch global standards of regulatory compliance.

Along with her dedication to guiding the financial services industry, she champions gender diversity, equity and inclusion(DEI) to empower underrepresented groups to gain a seat at the boardroom table.

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Advising on financial & digital asset compliance regulation

“At the Hong Kong Financial Technology Week held in November 2022, Angelina shared the development trend of global cryptocurrency development at the symposium.”

Regulatory Changes in Hong Kong
Ms. Kwan discusses exploring the possibilities of rolling out digital currency in Hong Kong at the ACCA Hong Kong Annual Conference in 2022. Her panel on which listing rules came into effect in 2022, along with going in-depth on listing rules for Special Purpose Acquisition companies and Listing Regimes for Overseas Issuers.

Practical Impacts of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) On Enterprises & Consumer
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a hot topic that Ms. Kwan is fired-up to expound on, as she demonstrated in moderating the discussion on the Practical Impacts of CBDCs on enterprises and consumers with the CEO of Digital Asset Yuval Rooz at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022.

Hong Kong as a Hub for Virtual Asset Investors
Regulatory Ramblings, a premier podcast hosted by HKU fintech is the intersection of all things pertaining to finance, technology, law and regulation, hands the mic over to Ms. Kwan to discuss her view on why Hong Kong citizens, especially the younger generation, must invest in learning technologies which will be vital to future finance and business operability.

What do Hong Kong’s regulations mean for crypto exchanges and investors?
Ms. Kwan speaks about what regulations mean for crypto exchanges and investors on the podcast ‘Word on the Block’ a weekly, 30-minute digest on that interviews leading CEOs, policymakers, and thought leaders inspiring blockchain.

Defi-Cefi outlook: risk, regulation, and the rise of decentralized financial crime
In this panel at the Crypto Regulation Summit 2022, Ms. Kwan, along with other thought leaders in DeFi and CeFi spaces, discussed the regulatory landscape for crypto markets, the benefits and risks of DeFi, and the rise of financial crime and abuse in both CeFI and DeFi ecosystems.

Digital Assets and Internal Audit
At the IIA Hong Kong Conference in 2022, Ms. Kwan poured her insights and passion for technology, digital assets and compliance into her speech on Digital Assets and Internal Audits.

Trends and Regulatory Updates from Around the World
Always with her finger on the pulse of regulatory trends, Ms. Kwan in her fireside chat gave her insights on how regulatory updates can affect the Defi space and blockchain technology.

Digital Assets as Collateral: The Next Lending Boom Ridiculing Traditional Finance
In a panel on Digital Assets as Collateral, Ms Kwan was a powerful voice along with other peers talking about The Next Lending Boom ridiculing traditional finance.

Digitalisation and the Evolving Retail Investment Landscape
Ms. Kwan, James Angel from Georgetown University, and Lilli Hattinga van Sant from the European Commission discussed changing trends in the online retail investment landscape, recent concerns arising in regulator perimeters, and considerations for regulators in navigating digital environments. The webinar was moderated by Mhairi Jackson, Chair of IOSCO’s Committee on Regulation of Market Intermediaries.

The Future of Compliance
Ms. Kwan goes in-depth on the future of compliance in this podcast hosted by Risky Women, a global network connecting, celebrating, and championing women in risk, regulation, compliance and ethics.

The future is mobile-first 
As a mentor of THE FUTURE IS MOBILE-FIRST, MOX, Ms. Kwan helps empower their founders to reach their full potential and stay informed on all aspects of fintech and compliance.

The Future of Compliance
Ms. Kwan goes in-depth on the future of compliance in this podcast hosted by Risky Women, a global network connecting, celebrating, and championing women in risk, regulation, compliance and ethics.

She’s Crypto Savvy?
The Financial Women’s Association Singapore invited Ms. Kwan to share her knowledge on a pertinent and fascinating panel discussion titled ‘She’s Crypto Savvy?’ alongside other speakers, moderated by Walter Jennings.

Crypto Women Trailblazers 2022
The renowned Jessica publication interviewed Ms. Kwan about her professional and personal background, and her passion for digital assets. She delves deep into how to cultivate knowledge and passion in others, and how cryptocurrencies can be used in a broad array of industries and causes.

Empowering the underrepresented into leadership positions

“Pictured far right, Angelina Kwan Managing Director, Women’s Foundation 15th Women of Influence Conference & Awards”

“I think that’s what we need, we need more empathy and less hate – there’s already too much hate. If women can help other women in positions, and if men can help women, and if women can help men, I think Hong Kong will go a lot longer and a lot farther.” 

-Angelina Kwan, What It Means to Live a Good Life

The Future is Female with Angelina Kwan
Prestige Woman of Power, CEO of financial consultancy Stratford Finance and board chair of The Women’s Foundation Angelina Kwan believes plenty of work is still to be done to achieve gender equality in the workplace. It comes down to three action points: new diversity targets, support for the underprivileged and increased visibility.

FintechHK Women in Fintech
Invest HK invited Ms. Kwan to speak on her views on female roles in the Fintech sector, as well as the future of Hong Kong in looking at the board representation for having more women in decision-making positions.

Women of Power 2021
Angelina Kwan was named one of the 2021 Women of Power in Asia by Prestige for being “instrumental in proliferating education and understanding of fintech, digital assets and blockchain”.

Gender equality: best practices from Europe and Hong Kong
Hong Kong still has many ways to improve gender diversity in the workforce, especially in financial services. Ms. Kwan has been a vocal force in discussing how to tackle unconscious biases and pay gaps, along with how to support the next generation of workers in this panel hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

What it means to live a good life—Angelina Kwan 
We get a glimpse into the philosophy and values of Angelina Kwan in this insightful article penned by the renowned Julia Broad.

Combating Tokenism-On Quotas for Women Directors
Ms. Kwan discusses how to wisely address gender equity in corporate leadership at the 2013 Global Summit of Women in Kuala Lumpur.

Getting Board Ready–speaker bio Woman of Influence 2018
Leading by example, and empowering women on boards has been a priority of Ms. Kwan’s even before she was a speaker for the “Getting Board Ready” event hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong. Later in 2018, she was even named a ‘Woman of Influence’ by the American Chamber of Commerce for Leading Women on Boards.

Discover more about the 30% club
Acting on the Steering Committee for the 30% club, Ms. Kwan promotes cross-company mentoring to achieve greater balance for all under-represented groups. The 30% club also gives board-level development opportunities to senior-level women.

Learn more about the Women’s Foundation Hong Kong
As Vice-Chair and Company Secretary of the Women’s Foundation Hong Kong, Ms. Kwan is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls in Hong Kong. Their tenets of challenging gender stereotypes, empowering women in poverty, and growing the number of women in decision-making and leadership positions are ones that she has been working towards her entire career.